Use cases

Standard cases for web organizations.

Support | QA

callto John|Alex|All Your text ... - Emergency call

smsto John|Alex|All Your text ... - Emergency sms

task|bug|feature @username <low|normal|default|high|urgent> Task subject ...\nDescription - create task on bug tracker/etc

contact info <@username> - Show everyone’s/username emergency contact info

remind me to TEXT at|on|in TIME - Set a reminder for a thing, at a time

remind @user1,@user2 to TEXT at|on|in TIME - Set a reminder for a thing, at a time for somebody else



build VERSION - Run build

test CURRENT|COMMIT - Run tests

Stage servers

ls - List all available staging servers

make COMMIT <fake> or <-1h|d> - Create stage server. optional: hour|day ago

rm ID - Remove server by ID



maintenance on|off - Show maintenance page on website


ls ami server1|server2|all - Show aws AMI’s

make ami server1|server2 - Create a new ami

upgrade|downgrade server1|server2|all <ami> - upgrade|downgrade AMI’s

stop upgrade|downgrade - Stop upgrade|downgrade

Distributed version control system

update|rollback server1|server2|all <commit> - Update code on servers

stop update|rollback - Stop update|rollback

Configuration management system

cms update repo - Update own repository (such git pull)

cms update server1|sever2|all - Run server provision (e.g. puppet/chef/ansible)

Internal commands for Bot

version - Get current revision and matterbot version

selfupdate - Update bot and plugins from your CVS repo

busy - Get num of busy workers. Used for monitoring and for check before update

uptime - MatterBot uptime

ping - Ping bot and waiting pong

Everything is limited only by your imagination :)